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Museum Part 3

You will find more exhibits to explore on the Upper Floors of the museum. After climbing the main stairs to the upper level you will see a mosaic much like this one.

The mosaic is from the period of Roman occupation of Britain. Moving into room 37 ( to your right ) you will find more examples of artifacts from Roman Britain. Continuing right into room 68 will reveal one of the finest collections of coins, medals, banknotes, tokens and badges - more than 600,000 items.

Passing through room 68 and into room 69 begins exhibits from the antiquities from Greece and Rome. As you proceed through galleries 69 - 71 you will see exhibits detailing daily life, as well about Rome both the city and the empire that grew from this city. You'll also get an idea of what Italy was like before the Roman Empire. Galleries 72 and 73 have exhibits on ancient Cyprus and the Greeks in Southern Italy.

At the end of gallery 73, near the west stairs you will enter room 59, which starts the exhibits of antiquities from Western Asia. As your proceed through these galleries you will find exhibits from Ancient Iran, Anatolia and Levant. When you reach the east stairs at the end of room 53 turn to your left and enter room 65.

Heading back west through rooms 65 - 61 you will find antiquities from Egypt. Room 66 also leads to exhibits of the Art of Korea.

After you have finished with these galleries head back towards the east stairs again, through the antiquities from Western Asia and turn right at the east stairs, instead of left as you did before. In rooms 41 - 48 you will find Medieval, Renaissance and Modern collections. Room 42 contains a group of walrus ivory chessmen.

Room 44 is also worth a stop since it contains a fascinating collection of time pieces. You'll find examples of clocks built into all sorts of things such as boats, crucifixes. It is amazing to think that most of these time pieces actually still work !

You can now proceed down the main stairs in front of you to the lower floors and exit the museum via the Great Russell Street entrance. We hope that this brief tour has given you just a taste of the marvelous collections that abound in the British Museum. As you can appreciate it is very hard to truly do justice to a museum of this standing.

The British Museum is currently completing a number of major refurbishment's that will change the layout we have described here. We therefore strongly recommend that you visit the British Museum website to get all the latest information about floor plans and exhibits.

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