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Westminster Part 3

Westminster - Map 3

After leaving Westminster Abbey head back down Broadway Sanctuary away from the Houses of Parliament until you reach Storey's Gate Road that heads north. Turn right and head north along this road. In front of you to the right will be the Treasury Building, while on the left you should now be able to see St James's Park. As you reach the south west corner of the Treasury building Storey's Gate  Road becomes Horse Guard Road. At the rear of the Treasury building on the corner of King Charles Street is the Cabinet War Rooms Exhibit.

Cabinet War Rooms ( map location 6 )

This exhibit shows how the process of government and fight against the Nazis continued during World War II. The site has been left almost exactly as it was during the war when the affairs of the nation were conducted by Churchill and his government from these very rooms. The rooms include living quarters for ministers and military leaders and a soundproof Cabinet room where many critical decisions during the course of the War were made. The rooms are protected by at least 1 metre of concrete. The best option is take an audio tour that will guide you through all the different rooms as well as providing you with the atmosphere that accompanies this exhibit.

Cenotaph ( map location 7 )

Continue walking east down King Charles Street, with the Foreign and Commonwealth office on your left and the Treasury on your right until you emerge on Whitehall. To your right will the Houses of Parliament again. Turn left and walk north along Whitehall until you reach the Cenotaph located in the middle of busy Whitehall. Built in 1920 by Sir Edwin Lutyens it commemorates those that lost their lives in modern British conflicts, especially in World War I. The Cenotaph is the focus of services on Armistice Day ( 11 November ) each year.

Westminster - Map 4

Downing Street ( map location 8 )

Continuing walking north along Whitehall and shortly on your left you will come across Downing Street. Number 10 Downing Street has been the official residence of the British Prime Minister since 1732.

Next door at Number 11 is the official residence of the Chancellor of the Exchequer. 

In 1989, iron gates were erected at the Whitehall end of Downing Street after an attack by the IRA and for improved security.

Horse Guards ( map location 9 )

A short distance further north along Whitehall on the left you will come to the Horse Guards on the left. This is a parade ground protected by brightly coloured mounted guards that is changed twice a day at 11am and 4pm.

Horse Guards on Parade

Stationed outside, facing Whitehall you will usually find two mounted troopers standing guard on their great black steeds.

The front of the Horse Guards on Whitehall

You can proceed through the arch way and into the vast parade ground. Across the parade ground you will see St James's Park.

Mounted Horse Guard

Walk across the parade ground and head to your left, which takes you back towards the Cabinet War rooms. As you proceed south along Horse Guards Road take some time to have a look at the beauty of St James' Park. Just inside the Park you will find a duck pond and a lovely cafe that over looks the water. It is a great place to make a stop and grab a bite.

Having past the Foreign Offices, Cabinet War Rooms and Treasury building again you should once again be able to Westminster Abbey and Parliament Square to your left. Turn left and head once more towards Westminster Bridge and the tube station.

You are now back where you started this walk, at the Tube station Westminster.

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